Zac & the Zeros FAQ

Your Questions Answered Below

we have organised a list of frequently asked questions and their answers into easily navigable sections. For further information please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

How do we book Zac And The Zeros?
Please Contact Us with the details of your event, date, venue location, number of guests etc, so we can check our availability and provide you with a quote for our services. We will then email you our Party/Function Information Pack which includes a booking form. When you are ready to secure your booking, simply return the form to us and we will approve your booking by sending you a confirmation email. Please be aware that until we receive your booking form the date is still available to other clients, however, If you inform us that you will be returning the completed form in due course, we will reserve the date for 10 days to allow you time to send the completed booking form back.
Can we see Zac And The Zeros play before we book you?
Yes, we do play public venues so please contact us for details. We also have sound clips on this website and video taken at some of our gigs.
Before we book do you have any references we can contact?
Please visit our testimonials page to view the feedback we’ve received from past events. If you wish to contact any clients directly, then email us and we will provide you with their details.
How far will Zac And The Zeros travel?
As we are based in the New Forest we cover the southern counties, but will consider travelling further afield. Please call us to discuss your event..

Setting Up Our Equipment

When do you arrive at the venue to set up?
We usually arrive up to three hours before the start of our performance for unloading our gear, setting up and testing our equipment.
Can you arrive earlier in the day to set up for an evening event?
Yes If we are all available, however, an additional ‘early arrival’ fee will be applicable in some cases.
How long do you take to set up?
We require at least 1½ hours to unload and set up, we also prefer to run through a few numbers to fully balance the sound to suit the venue’s acoustics .
How much space do you need?
Ideally we require a minimum area of 18ft (5.5m) wide by 12ft (3.5m) deep for the band to set up in, but if you are worried about the area you have, send us the dimensions and we will tell you if it’s possible. Please try to avoid placing the band in the corner of a room as a triangular area restricts the layout of our equipment.
How many power sockets will the band require?
We request a minimum of two, four-socket outlets on either side of the stage/ performance area. Standard UK 3-pin sockets rated at 230V with 13A fuses are required. We recommend that the power is sourced from more than one wall outlet to prevent overloading. If it is a large venue and our sound and lighting engineers are required we will need two further sockets position in the room for their equipment.
We are planning to use a generator, How much power do you need?
Should you hire a generator, it may be useful to quote that the band’s power draw, including our lighting is no more than 8kW (35A).


What equipment do you provide?
We provide all the backline amplification equipment, as well as a full PA sound-reinforcement system.  For large venues a dedicated sound engineer may be required with a more powerful PA system to ensure that we provide a consistent and professional sound throughout our performance.
Do you provide lighting?
A basic lighting package is included as standard with all of our bookings. However, if your event is being held in a larger venue, such as a large hall or marquee or even outside, then we recommend upgrading the lighting package for a small additional fee. All of our lighting is professional theatre-grade equipment. If you decide to upgrade we will also provide an experienced engineer to install and operate the rig on the day.  
Can we use your sound system, we are planning announcements.?
Our sound system may be used under our supervision for your announcements and speeches.
We aren’t booking a DJ, can you play music when you are not playing?
Yes. We can play music via our laptop system, which is connected directly to our PA equipment. This service is free of charge and is standard with every booking. We normally play music before we start playing and when we have a break. If you want us to play your own music selection just provide us with a CD, I pod or mp3 player.
Is your equipment electrically tested?
All of our equipment is checked and maintained on a regular basis. PAT certificates are available for all of the band’s standard equipment.

Set Times

How long do you usually play for?
Our live performances normally comprised of two sets of up to one hour each, alternatively we can play three 40 minute sets.
What is the latest time you can play to?
Our quotations are based on performances before Midnight. If you would like us to play later than that, please discuss it with us at the booking stage, as an additional ‘late finish’ charge will be payable.
Our event may overrun. Can you stay later than agreed if necessary?
We appreciate that all events may fall behind schedule, we are willing to adapt to any situation as it presents itself. However, If your event is delayed by more than an hour, we ask that you discuss the circumstances with us so that we can agree on a revised program. Our Midnight curfew will still apply unless a supplementary fee is agreed for a late finish.

Special Songs

Can we requests a song that is not on your set list?
Yes, If you would like the band to perform a special song, for example, for the first dance at a wedding please contact us with the details and we will endeavour to learn it for your special event. . If, for any reason, we can’t perform the song live, we will arrange for the original version to be played over our sound system at the appropriate time.
We are concerned that you may be too loud for our older guests.
We always take into account our audience and set the band’s sound levels accordingly, but please understand that as a live band with a drummer we have to set guitar and vocal levels so as to be heard clearly. Our music is suitable for all age groups and in many cases, the stamina and dance moves of the older guests often amazes the younger generation.

Payment and Insurance

How much will it cost to hire the band?
Please Contact Us with full details of your specific requirements and venue location, we will then be able to give you an accurate quote for your event.
Do we pay a deposit ?
For larger events, we usually ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. We will inform you if this is necessary after you have supplied us with the details of your event.
Do you require payment in advance?
Yes normally the outstanding balance must be paid no later than seven days prior to the agreed event date. However we do make exceptions for repeat bookings and certain circumstances
How do we pay you?
Bank details will be supplied on receipt of the booking form and payment should be made by bank transfer, where possible.. If you wish to pay by cheque, payment must be received at least two weeks before the event. A payment receipt will be sent to you as soon as we receive payment.
Are there any hidden costs?
Our quoted fees incorporate all of our expenses including travel to and from the event. The only time we may inform you of a change to your quoted fee is if you change the event location and/or services you require.
What happens if the event is cancelled?
If the event is cancelled within three months of the event date, we reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the agreed booking fee. Cancellation or termination of our performance within seven days of the event date will incur a charge of 100% of the full fee. If the event is outdoor’s, it is the organiser responsibility to take steps to ensure that any disruption as a result of the weather is kept to a minimum. Should weather conditions affect our equipment, performance or safety, we reserve the right to either temporarily or permanently stop our performance at any point. If the event is in a marquee, please make sure that the structure is safe, stable and 100% water-tight.
Do you have Public Liability Insurance.
The band is protected by a £5 million Public Liability Insurance policy which covers all band members and equipment. Should the venue or organiser require proof the certificate of insurance can be produced on request.


Do we need to provide the band with food?
We don’t insist on it, but if the band can be catered for in the catering arrangements or alternatively provide a packed lunch or sandwiches we would be very grateful.
Do you need somewhere to change before you play?
It’s not essential; but we do appreciate having a room or space to use as a changing area and somewhere to store equipment cases and boxes out of sight while we’re playing.
What happens if one of the band is taken ill on the day of my event?
To cover holidays and sickness we have back up musicians to call on at short notice in the unlikely event that a member of the band cannot attend a booking,. Any stand in we use will have played with us before and will integrate with the band, ensuring the quality of our performance is unaffected.